Design Reality

Inside Porton Down - GSR Features on the BBC

The most fulfilling aspect of being a creative is having pride in one’s work. The team at Design Reality were immensely proud on Tuesday evening (June 28th) when the BBC’s Inside Porton Down programme highlighted the impact that the GSR (General Service Respirator) has had on the public’s safety from chemical and biological weapons. We designed this revolutionary product for Scott Safety during the early years of Design Reality, with the project being initiated by the Porton Down facility that is celebrating its 100th anniversary.  The General Service Respirator was created for the men and women of the British Armed Forces, to protect them against chemical, biological and nuclear threats.

The hour-long documentary, presented by Dr. Michael Mosley, provided insights into the various levels of threat that can occur in our modern society; and how the research base has been developing various methods to combat those dangers, including instigating the development of respirator technology. The programme showed how the very basic first World War design has evolved into our respirator which is renowned for being the most advanced in the world.

The following morning our studio was full of discussion, leading to the realisation that designing such meaningful products for the benefit of society is why we individually became designers and is at the very core of Design Reality’s values.  The full length documentary ‘Inside Porton Down: Britain’s Secret Research Facility’ available to watch on BBC iPlayer.