Design Reality

Investing in Electronic Design

Maximising capabilities with the New Design Reality Electronics team

Design Reality have always relied upon outsourcing for electronic requirements in the past, however we are delighted to announce the formalisation of a new electronics department within the company. The bold move now sees Design Reality offer a complete design service all under one roof, and now the team are maximizing their capabilities by brining electronics in-house.

Our electronics department will be led by Szymon Stolbunow (MSc) a design engineer with over 16 years’ experience working within the electronics sector. Szymon has worked on a wide range of projects, assuming previous global roles such as Technical Manager and Project Manager, whereby he has overseen entire ground up electronic design programs.

The impact of Szymon’s appointment has now permitted Design Reality to offer full electronic design services, including electronic schematic capture and both PCB design and assembly. Within these capabilities our team has experience working with mixed signal design, embedded radio technology design, and small batch prototyping. Additionally, we are also positioned to provide firmware and software design, utilising common languages such as C, Assembler, Delphi and SQL.

As part of the new electronics design set up, Design Reality will be looking to grow the department in the future, further adding electronic design experience to our capabilities. However, until then we welcome Szymon to his new post and see that the sky is the limit with his addition to the team.