Design Reality

Our Top 10 Vision

Design Reality have set their sights high this year, with the focus of becoming a recognised top 10 Design consultancy in the UK.

A tall task it may seem, however Design Reality continue to grow year on year, not just in size but in stature. The recent re-location to a new Design studio, expansion of team members and decision to bring electronic capabilities in house are some of the many factors that signal the design firms intentions. 

Owen Hughes, Business correspondent for the Daily Mail, recently took the opportunity to visit Design Reality and gather the thoughts of the company directors in a behind the scenes interview. 

The article draws upon the ambitions the team have set themselves for the coming years and also addresses the companies recent 15-year anniversary. Creative Director, Wyn Jones mentioned that "We are celebrating our 15th year which is quite a phenomenal feat really, most companies in this highly competitive industry don’t reach three years"

Additionally, the article also considers the thoughts of MD, Troy Baker who discusses how we doubled turnover last year and we are looking at our own products in 2016, so the sky is the limit. We now compete on a global scale and now we want to make better products for a growing market. To full article can be found at