Design Reality

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When you’re immersed in a world of revolutionary ideas and innovation, time can move pretty quickly and our business journey at Design Reality has certainly progressed at a pace.

The Design Reality Evolution

It’s been 18 years since we started our industrial design consultancy and set out on our mission to develop high performance products that would delight users and build brands.

In the time that’s passed we’ve not only become one of the top-ranking product design consultancies in the UK but have grown a global client portfolio, working across a range of sectors with some of the world’s largest companies. And we’ve helped countless start-up businesses to realise their full-potential and pursue their own growth ambitions.

This doesn’t mean we’re complacent though. Like our future-focused clients, we always strive to push boundaries and broaden our capabilities at Design Reality. Having established a solid reputation in the industrial sector, we are now building a strong presence in the medical and consumer sectors.

Always Moving Forward

The last 12 months has seen us work on a number of medical devices, as a result of new relationships nurtured in the medical device sector. And we’re expanding our expertise in digitally connected device design too, meeting ever-growing demand for sensor driven products.

We’ve custom-designed a team for the wider markets that we’re now operating in, bringing in designers who are well-versed in the rigorous processes demanded by the medical device sector and strategically recruiting new team members with software and electronics expertise. We are continually investing in new equipment and facilities, having recently moved to a new design studio and enhancing our electronics lab and testing department.  It’s an exciting new chapter for Design Reality and, as we diversify, we look forward to taking on fresh challenges and helping more clients to sharpen their cutting edge.

Join the Journey

Combining the award-winning approach with new capabilities and expertise, we are now focused on the future – creating our own roadmap and helping clients to chart theirs.

With a revamped website and new communication channels in place we’re providing a window into our processes and bringing to life the stories behind the great work that we do. As we embark on this next stretch of our journey we look forward to sharing the discoveries that lie ahead.

Troy Baker

Managing Director