Design Reality

My First Month as an Intern at Design Reality

When I was applying for internships, my thoughts and expectations were of making tea and sitting on the periphery of the design team.  Whether this is true in other design agencies I don’t know, but at Design Reality I already feel like a valued member of the team and I’ve not had to make a cup of tea yet.

From day one, I’ve been trusted with design tasks for client projects.  It feels great knowing a company trusts me enough to complete actual project tasks for their clients and the mentoring and feedback from the team has already been invaluable in developing my skills and knowledge.  Feeling like my work has a worth even at this early stage is making me strive to keep improving, one task at a time.

After spending two years studying Industrial Design at Loughborough University, it’s fantastic to come back to Wales with such a warm welcome. The team here are all incredibly friendly and fun to work with, and I’m excited to spend the next 10 months working alongside them.

Deciding to complete a years internship was a great decision and I will be collecting all the experience I possibly can, so that I leave here a better designer with real business experience to take into my final year of study.

Design Reality offers a twelve month internship to a design student each year, we want to provide young designers with real experience that supports their ongoing education and sets them up to succeed as designers after graduation.  Are you interested in applying?

Connor Fox

Student Designer