Design Reality

Design Reality join the BSIF

With two decades of experience in designing safety products, we've joined the BSIF to share our knowledge of how design can improve safety and learn more about what users really want from their future safety products.

The BSIF stands for the British Safety Industry Federation, an independent voice representing the interests of the UK safety industry to a wider audience, including the government, standard making authorities as well as safety equipment users. As a member, we’ll join other safety equipment service providers, manufacturers, distributors and safety consultancies and demonstrate our commitment to the design of safety products and services that support and drive forward the safety industry. Our 20 years’ experience designing safety products means we have a lot of insights to share with fellow members, as well as much to understand from organisations on the changing conditions in which they work and the products they need to make their workforce more efficient.

The Federation works on industry-led campaigns that are of interest to our product design work, as well as to our clients. One such campaign is the Fit2Fit RPE Fit Test Providers Accreditation Scheme. This scheme is designed to confirm the competency of any person performing facepiece fit testing with an industry recognised exam that tests a person’s knowledge of HSE guidance on fit testing. The introduction of this accreditation aims to significantly reduce the incidence of occupational respiratory injury and is a service that a number of the Design Reality team have been accredited in.

Through networking events, awards and exhibitions, BSIF members and industry stakeholders come together to discuss the opportunities and challenges in the UK safety industry today. Collectively, we’re united in delivering consistent safety messages and presenting opportunities that will develop and grow the market.

You can find out more about the work of the BSIF here. We’ll be keeping you updated on their work and our involvement.