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A few things you didn't know about Dyfan Evans

You know that Dyfan Evans came back to us after a stint with Unilever, right? Here are a few things you may not know about him.

1. What do you consider to be the defining point of your design experience?

My DT teacher told me not to bother becoming a designer, as computers would make the role obsolete.  I didn’t listen.

2. What do you do at Design Reality?

l’m a Senior Designer at DR.  My role sees me working with clients (be they corporate, start ups or a man in a shed), fellow designers and third parties to design products for a wide range of markets, beginning with the notion of an idea and ending up with a solution that will ensure a successful outcome, be that intellectually, commercially, environmentally or simply by making someone happier. I’ve been involved with many products and ideas along the way; medical and respiratory products, life changing prosthetic accessories, injury therapy devices; rugged communications equipment and more, all of which have been fantastically challenging and interesting to create.

3. What do you most like about working here?

It never feels like ‘work’.

4. What do you most like about your role?

I used to joke that l got paid to colour in.  Now however, although that statement still stands, it’s because of the positive link there is between the satisfying creative opportunity that DR provides to me personally, and the physical, tangible output that we as a team create. In my eyes, there really is no better professional satisfaction than seeing something you have toiled on for months on end finally come to fruition and be used for the purpose with which it was intended.  As a Product or Industrial designer, l also have access to or experience with a multitude of people, experiences and expertise – every day is a learning curve, a lesson in how to be a better ‘everything’ and good fun to boot.

5. Describe yourself in 3 words.

 Grafter, Fortunate, Dad, (can l have cyclist too?)

6. Three people you would invite to dinner (they can be dead or alive).

 My family and friends.

Ellie Yakimov

Marketing Manager