Design Reality

Our design work featured in films

Many products, on which we've worked during Design Reality's 20-year history, have been featured on the big screen. We've also seen them on television, as well as on social media. To mark our 20th year anniversary this month, here are some clips from films where our designs can be seen.

Our General Service Respirator appears in the cemetery and van scene in Kick Ass 2, can you spot it?

It's also in this crazy action scene, where even the GSR can't stop the Russian gymnast of a hit girl:

3M Scott’s AV-3000 HT respirator appears in the Chernobyl battle scene in Transformers 3:

Transformers 3 Chernobyl Scene Av3000

Another 3M Scott Safety product, 3M Sight, as well as the AV-3000 respirator can be seen again in the Chicago Fire series, S4 E21.

My Miracle Chicago Fire

The AV-3000 can be identified in the must-watch during the pandemic TNT series The Last Ship, where an airborne virus threatens the world as we know it:

A Breakthrough The Last Ship

We leave it to you to spot the GSR in the BBC Silent Witness programme. We are sure that there are many other scenes where our designs are featured. If you see some of our work in the media, do give us a shout. It's always a celebration to see the fruit of one's labour out in the world.

Ellie Yakimov

Marketing Manager