Design Reality

Welsh Government support to design a Pandemic Mask

Design Reality are pleased to announce funding support from the Welsh Government to research and design a respirator specifically for Frontline Workers during pandemic times.

Since the pandemic began, we have been using our 20 years of respiratory experience in combination with our Fit 2 Fit certification to support our local health board with fit testing for a range of medical personnel. We have also been advisors on a number of committee groups set up to answer PPE questions and assist Frontline Workers with their choice of protection.  This has lead us to a deeper understanding of the PPE gap that Frontline workers face with only a choice between disposable FFP2/3 and the bulky industrial reusable masks. 

Working closely with the local health board we are able to research some of the key issues that have been highlighted during this pandemic, user comfort, sizing problems, communication issues and the dehumanisation of the carer covered in PPE along with decontamination processes and procurement burden.  The outcome of the project is to design a respirator that addresses these points.

Our unique experience in designing personal protective and respiratory protective equipment was one of the main reasons the Welsh Government were keen to back this project.  Having created world-leading RPE equipment for the Government and commercial businesses over the past twenty years, we have amassed a huge amount of understanding in the design, testing, manufacturing and lifecycle of respiratory protection products.

We look forward to bringing you more information on this exciting project over the coming months.

Here's what the Welsh government shared about this project