Design Reality

Pick-and-Place PCB Assembly Machine at Your Service

With Design Reality’s latest investment, a DVC EVO machine from TWS Automation, we have expanded our in-house competencies and service capabilities.

Being able to perform PCB assembly that includes all stages of production, from applying solder paste with our TWS SR 2700 screen printing machine, populating PCBs, baking them in our NEODEN IN6 oven, testing them, to even mending PCBs with our LF-853D desolderer. Thanks to these resources and more, we can now offer a complete service, from design to a sizeable number of prototypes within days.

The new DVC Evo allows us rapid project turnarounds and direct work with our customers. Design Reality will no longer have to outsource this step of our design process; hence, confidential information with contractors and third parties will no longer be an issue and intelligence theft will be prevented. Prototyping can be done faster then ever before, allowing us to identify potential design glitches early and correct them quickly.  We now have the additional flexibility to deliver exactly the quantities needed, no matter how few or many are needed for a project stage.

The DVC Evo comes with industry-standard features, such as a double telecentric bi-dimensional video camera and an off-line camera with improved lens system to centre larger components, BGAs and very fine-pitch ICs. The DVC (Dynamic Vision Centring) apparatus also offers increased precision and control of the position of even the smallest components. Our designers have been trained to programme the machine by directly loading data from their CAD files. They prepare the reel feeders off-line to further reduce downtime for program changeovers, but the feeders themselves are highly intelligent and can handle various tapes or stick sizes, automatically loading data of the components already present in them. The DVC Evo can handle all the main types of components and works with up to 120 feeders at once. They can also take advantage of the optional dispenser, for easy and rapid dispensing of adhesive and solder paste.

This time saving, state-of-the-art resource will allow Design Reality to create prototype iterations faster, quote and update projects more accurately and ensure stricter confidentiality protocols for our clients. If you need consultation on a project that involves PCB assembly, we now have the Pick-and-Place technology in-house and can provide even faster turnarounds, so

get in touch.

Ellie Yakimov

Marketing Manager