Design Reality

The future looks clearer through a patented mask

We would like to congratulate the team behind the design of an innovative piece of PPE, which was just granted a US patent. The patent's assignee is our customer Scott Technologies, now part of the 3M Company; however, 70% of the project's team of inventors was comprised of Design Reality's experts in respiratory technologies.

On 18/08/20, seven years after product conception, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued US Patent 10,744,352 B2 to one of our long-standing clients. The patent covers a design for semi-reusable personal protection masks with unique filter positioning. This novel filtration system allows fluid communication between the silicone-moulded base and the filter, enabling free airflow from the environment to the face seal. The result is optimal safety and comfort for the mask wearer with lower breathing resistance. In addition, the larger surface of the filtration media enhances the product's protective performance, whilst the simple filter replacement leaves a smaller carbon footprint than disposable masks.

We are proud of our designers, whose work was integral to this accomplishment.

Design Reality aims to provide a complete remit of consulting services to customers, including assistance throughout the IP application process. Having done this for a number of clients, notably for the award-winning FitCheck device, we have the in-house know-how and experience to facilitate this important stage of your design project, regardless of industry. To find out how we can support your next reality bite, drop us a line at