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3 Product Design Trends to look out for in 2022

Predicting the future is big business. From forecasting the weather to forecasting profits, in almost every area of life we look to the patterns and trends around us to plan and predict the future.


Looking at the potential product design trends of the future is no different.

So here are our predictions for a few things to look out for in 2022:


Internet of things

The internet of things – the concept that any gadget/product/appliance can be connected to the internet - is nothing new, with the idea behind networked smart devices being discussed as early as 1982.

But as technology has developed, so have our devices and their integration.

Through systems such as Alexa, people are already controlling their TVs, security systems, vacuum cleaners and lightbulbs; but the possibilities are endless.

As microchip production gets back to normal, we’ll see this trend continue too.


Immersive technology

With COVID not going away anytime soon, and workers needing to adapt quickly between workplace and home working, I believe we’ll see a development of designs catered toward flexible approaches to working – so that productivity can continue despite physical boundaries.

While video conference services such as Zoom took the world by storm in 2020; developments, accessibility and popularity of augmented and virtual reality technologies could make distance team working all the more ‘real’. 


Wearable tech

Naturally following on from the internet of things and immersive technology is an increase in wearable tech. Whether it’s smart watches or virtual reality headsets, people are becoming more and more connected beyond just their smart phones.

2022 will see the launch of our own FitCheck device – wearable tech designed to save lives by ensuring respirator wearers are properly protected by their mask.

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What are your thoughts for 2022?

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