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5 steps to a successful product launch

We appreciate that every customer and every product is unique, requiring a personal approach to designing and launching a product.

As a Product Design Consultancy, we’ve helped literally hundreds of projects go from concept to market. From start-up entrepreneurs with an idea, to conglomerate companies working on their 7th iteration of an existing product.

At Design Reality, we appreciate that every customer and every product is unique, requiring a personal approach to designing and launching a product.

But regardless of the size or scope of a project, generally speaking, most product designs fit into the same 5 step design process.


Step 1: Research
Understanding what the product needs to do

Before we get too carried away, we first need to understand your vision for the product, who & how people will use it and the context for the market. Function, Audience and Market.

Are there products that are similar to yours already in the market place? What will yours do differently or better? Is the market big enough to make the product viable and worth your time?

Through proper research, we can help you to create the best product possible that appeals to the right targeted audiences.


Step 2: Concept
Designing the right product

Taking the information we have learned from the research phase, we then look at the best way to design your product.

Whether it’s offering suggestions to your plans, or coming up with completely new designs; our experts work according to your briefs, bearing in mind your branding requirements and the relevant industry standards/tests discovered during the research phase.

When ready, we will present workable options to you with a combination of 2D sketches, 3D models and prototypes depending on what’s needed.

We need to consider how the design meets any industry testing and standards, ensure the design adheres to your visual brand language and then work on creating a representation of what your product will look and feel like.

By the end of the concept phase, we’ll have a firm direction of where the project is going.

Step 3: Development
Engineering the product to meet its needs

For many of our clients this phase is the most exciting part of the whole process. Once we’ve got a concrete concept and firm direction, the fun can begin!

Our team of product specialists, mechanical engineers, software developers, electrical engineers, and material toolists work on building a fully functional prototype.


Step 4: Qualification
Standards, testing and proof of deliverables

The process of qualification is all about making sure that the product design will perform in the environment in which it will be used. 

This phase could include anything from testing impact, fire and water protection, through to ensuring that the target users (your customers) like using the product.

As part of this phase, we will also support you and your product through any testing and certification required for sale in your market.

Step 5: Launch
Delivering the product

In this final stage we specify the components required to make this a successful launch.

For some clients, this might mean a detailed product specification which they then send to their own production company. But for others, this may involve full in-house production – with Design Reality covering everything from packing design through to assembly.


Whether you’re an individual with an idea, or product managers within a company – if you need help with your product design, we’d love to hear from you.

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