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Design Reality gains a new Software Engineer

Daniel McMahon is the newest kid on the Bowen Court block. He is our cloud developer, a role he explains below.

1. When did you join Design Reality and in what role?

My start date was the start of this month, officially 2nd November 2020. My role is described on my Contract as a cloud developer. However, not everyone will understand that, so I just go by my Linked in role, C# Software Engineer.

2. What did you do you before working at Design Reality?

I worked in compliance mostly, one of the earlier companies was a company called concerto, who taken care of facility management software for councils, my previous place was Gas Tag, a compliance software for Gas safe engineers to use.

3. Most curious project you’ve worked on to date (if not confidential)?


Most curious was the projects in Gas Tag, this involved a Compliance software for housing associations and an app for Gas Safe Engineers to use. 

4. First impressions of the DR team?

Everyone is friendly, I’ve not felt like I’ve not been able to speak to any one almost immediately. Everyone is also very helpful, even if they don’t understand what I'm asking or talking about.

5. Describe yourself in 3 words. 

This one is a tough one ! I’d say adventurous, since I try to get out for a cycle as often as I can. Curious is also a word I'd use, I’m always looking for new things to try and interest me. And humour, I have a good sense of humour and don’t take myself too seriously. I take work seriously, but not myself.

6. Three people you would like to invite to dinner.

Three people? Ooft. My partner Hannah and my mum and dad.

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