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Design Reality receive prestigious award for Product Innovation

Design Reality receive prestigious award for Product Innovation


Earlier this week Design Reality received the Highly Commended BSiF award for Product Innovation at a special ceremony in Wales, in relation to their ground-breaking FitCheck® technology.

The British Safety Industry Federation (BSiF) is a specialist trade association for the regulation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and the primary authority on Trading Standards in the UK. To promote innovation, service and safety in the industry, the BSiF hold annual awards to celebrate companies working towards the highest standards of excellence within occupational Health and Safety.

The Product Innovation Award is a specialist category for physical designs that will contribute to improvements in occupational safety and health in new and exciting ways.

This marks the third award Design Reality has received for its FitCheck® technology, receiving the coveted Red Dot Award in 2020 and an iF Design Award earlier this year.

FitCheck®, the award-winning product by Design Reality, is a sensor-based system that alerts respirator users and their employers about their fitness for work. Through measuring negative pressure loss within a tight-fitting face mask, FitCheck® confirms whether it is sealed to the skin or letting in potentially harmful contaminants in the surrounding atmosphere. The user can know in seconds whether they can proceed to work safely in the hazardous environment, whilst employers can receive digital notifications through the associated app, allowing them to maintain real-time records of health and safety compliance in the workplace.

Presenting the award, Roy Wilders, BSiF Registered Safety Supplier Scheme Manager, said:

“We were highly impressed by the simplicity of the design yet detail of the concept, and can see FitCheck will be a really helpful system for many industries relying on RPE to protect worker health.”

Receiving the award on behalf of Design Reality, Managing Director, Mel Randall, said:

“It’s an honour for FitCheck® and Design Reality to be recognised for its innovative approach to RPE compliance, and for the thousands-upon-thousands of workers we can help protect from hazardous conditions in the workplace.”



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