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Our very own Graham Wilson, Director of Design at Design Reality, spoke with Eurika! Magazine about some of the practical customer benefits of additive manufacturing and 3D printing with the HP Multi Jet Fusion.

Co-presenting with Mr Wilson was Nuno Amedia, 3D Applications Engineer at HP Inc. Together, the hosts detailed some of the processes, technologies and practical experiences of HP’s Multi Jet Fusion approach to additive printing.


As a business, Design Reality were early adopters of additive manufacturing; having utilised 3D printing in for clients since 2001.

Since then, technology has advanced significantly, and the agency now has three industrial grade additive printers to cater for all kinds of situations: from one-off prototypes and high-resolution samples, to multi-material overmoulds and mass production.


Mr Wilson expanded: “We’ve been using Multi Jet Fusion for quite some years as a bridge tooling opportunity for clients. But now, we’re able to even bypass this stage and simply tailor make parts as and when needed.

“Spare parts have traditionally been something that sit on the shelf, waiting to be used in the event of a breakage. But because of the speed and cost at which we can print – we can pretty much make them as and when the customer needs them.

“Saving customers time, storage capacity and money.”

But spare parts aren’t the only benefit to additive printing.

“Traditionally, with injection molding, we’ve found clients tend to be quite reluctant to change components or parts,” Mr Wilson continued.

“If a client has invested thousands of dollars into an injection mold, they often want to squeeze as much value from those tools as possible, for as long as possible. But with multi jet fusion, it’s not something you need to worry about anymore.

“You can simply change the design, print away and make new parts. That whole process can be done in just a few hours, not days. Therefore, the investment in design and tooling to make changes is not a huge concern anymore.”

“Whatever you’re building it’s important to approach the design with the technology in mind”


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