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As we come full circle into the pandemic lockdown

Today marks the anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in the UK. Team DR - the DReam team - has passed the test of this new reality with flying colours, and deserve thanks.

There is a lot to be said about the resilience, adaptability and spirit of the Design Reality team, who have taken on with great aplomb the unforeseen challenge of working from home. One has to be a designer to understand why this has been particularly challenging for us. Using specialised licensed software for projects that require constant experimentation in the physical world has required us to stay open throughout the lockdowns. Thanks to the exceptional compliance of our team to the extra health and safety precautions we have implemented around our office, lab and workshops, our business as usual has not been interrupted and our people have demonstrated a real team spirit, ensuring everyone’s protection. Taking turns to access our resources has helped a lot of the attendant issues around remote working on real-time client projects. As the end of the health crisis is in sight, we have only words of gratitude and appreciation for our Design Reality team.

Well done to the DReam Team, for your indomitable passion for outfitting the world with better products, even through the test of a pandemic.

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