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UKCA: the deadline timeline

In response to the impact the pandemic has had on businesses, the government has extended its UKCA deadline on general products from 1 January 2022 to 1 January 2023.

This means that products can continue to be sold in the UK market using the CE mark for another year without disruption.

Despite this, businesses are still being encouraged to try implement UKCA marking/certification as soon as possible to avoid disruption closer to the new deadline.


The CE (European Conformance) mark on a product indicates the manufacturer's compliance with EU legislation on health, safety and environmental requirements for the product's sale in the EU.

In place of the EU’s CE marking system, the UK government has created a largely comparable certification called the UKCA (Conformity Assessment) mark. While the roll out of the UKCA has been ongoing since 2020, as of 1 January 2023, it will be required on products that previously required CE marking in order for them to be sold in the UK marketplace. Following this latest announcement from the government, existing products can continue to use their existing CE marking in both the EU and the UK until 31st December 2022.

Understanding that manufacturing is not an instant process, the government has also stated that it will be introducing further legislation to allow for UKCA marking to be over-labelled or affixed to an accompanying document (rather than printed onto the product itself) until 31st December 2023.

Medical devices are treated separately to general products, with existing CE certification still being accepted for sale in the UK until the slightly later date of 30th June 2023.


The Deadline Timeline

1 January 2023
Applicable products must be UKCA certified and use the UKCA marking if the product is to be sold in Great Britain. To minimise production disruption, UKCA marking can be displayed on an accompanying document or label rather than directly on the product itself.

1 July 2023
All products that require it (including medical devices) must be UKCA certified and use the UKCA marking if the product is to be sold in Great Britain.

1 January 2024
In most cases, business will now need to apply the UKCA marking directly on the product, unless otherwise stated by legislation.


Product regulations and certifications can be confusing.

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