Additive manufacturing

With the growing popularity of 3D printing and an increased number of businesses that wish to benefit from our technology and expertise, we have expanded our capability with the addition of the HP4200 multi-jet fusion. We now have the capability to support production parts for our clients to integrate into their products.

Cutting edge 3D printing technology

We have been 3D printing for our client projects since 2001. The HP4200 is the perfect addition to our 3D printing service with a number of machines and materials available to meet your needs.

The HP4200 multi-jet fusion is the latest in 3D printing technology, creating components in Nylon 12 for enhanced functional, mechanical and aesthetic properties. The large build platform of the HP4200 is ideally suited to supply production parts without compromising performance.

Together with our Connex and Eden machines, we have a solution for all your printing needs.

3D printed limb art prototype
High resolution 3D printing

Printer selection

We have 3 printers, the Stratasys Eden, the Connex 500 and the HP4200 multi-jet fusion; each with their own unique advantages.

Our Eden machine provides high resolution printing capability, while the Connex can print in up to 3 materials at the same time or multiple-digital combinations including elastomeric parts in a range of Shore A hardness’s between 30 and 95; perfect for overmoulds.

Our new HP4200 offers a cost effective solution with enhanced functional, mechanical and aesthetic properties. Its benefits also extend to high part quantities, perfect for producing upwards of hundreds of parts.

Materials at a glance


Rigur™ (RGD450)



Nylon 12/ PA12

3D printed feather
HP 3D print samples

Rigur™ (RGD450)

This is an advanced simulated polypropylene photopolymer with improved toughness, increased dimensional stability and great surface finish. Rigur is ideal for flexible closures, reusable containers and packaging and white appliances including consumer goods, household appliances, consumer electronics and automotive parts.


A transparent photopolymer, offers strength, stiffness and impact resistance ideal for concept modelling, design verification and functional testing of clear parts. You can 3D print transparent parts, or blend with other PolyJet materials for a range of opacities, stunning hues or hardness, a versatility ideal for rapid prototyping. To achieve the best clarity, parts should be polished, lacquered or photo bleached.


A superior Rubber-like PolyJet™ photopolymer family ideal for advanced design verification and rapid prototyping. Get more durable, tear-resistant prototypes that can stand up to repeated flexing and bending. With a Shore A value of 30 in clear, Agilus30 accurately simulates the look, feel and function of Rubber-like products.

Nylon 12 / PA12

A robust thermoplastic that produces high density parts with balanced property profiles and strong structures. It provides excellent chemical resistance to oils, greases, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and alkalies. It’s ideal for complex assemblies, housings, enclosures, and watertight applications and has bio-compatibility certifications that meets USP Class I-VI and US FDA guidance for in contact with skin surface devices.

A superior Rubber-like PolyJet 3D print
Endo Reality 3D printed tooth



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