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Electronics now forms an integral part of almost all new product design.  From creating hardware solutions to ensuring connectivity between devices, our electronics experts will take the time to understand your business and user needs, creating a bespoke solution.

We are experienced in safety critical systems, power management, wireless electronics, hardware design, software design, prototyping & production, electronics certification and electronic design consultancy services.

The connection between our in- house product designers, engineers and electronic experts means that we can develop the right solution for your product requirements efficiently.  Our electronics experts can support the development of electronics from your initial concept specification through to manufacture.  Alternatively, we can provide support to get you through a critical development phase of your project.

We have worked with a range of companies from entrepreneurs with no electronics background to cutting edge tech companies with in-house experts that require additional resource.

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Electronics testing equipment

Interconnecting products

With the rise of Industry 4.0 technology, interconnecting products is an increasingly desirable feature in product design.  Our specialists will recommend solutions to ensure that your products are utilising the optimum electronics technology.

By working with you to understand what value you need from the technology, we can work together to create a specification for your design.  To build the specification we want to understand the objective of the design and any implications arising from the context in which it will be used.

Having assessed the various options, we can provide advice and solutions on the optimum ways your business can benefit from interconnectivity.  Our designs will consider sensor technology, low power processing, selection of the right power supply and how to create compact product design.

The integration of electronics with the other in-house design disciplines also means that we can consider key design requirements such as data security, product design, testing and certification requirements upfront, maximising the efficiency of the design process.

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If you require a hard-wired solution, we have experience with protocols like USB, Ethernet, ModBus, 1-Wite, M-Wire, SPI, I2C, RS232, RS485, CAN 2.0 and  LIN

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Electronic board chip


We can support you with WiFi, Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth LE, IrDA, ZigBee, Sub 1GHz communication 433/866/928MHz, RC5, GSM, M2M and LoRa, Ant

Our facilities

We have created state of the art in- house testing facilities to ensure that we can provide the best service possible to our clients.  By building and testing our electronics on-site we can speed up the development process, iterating and making modifications as we go.  This also minimises the delays and complications associated with outsourcing to external suppliers.

During testing we work to prove the designs performance against the identified requirements from the design specification.  As many products require testing in expensive independent testing facilities, we also provide pre-compliance testing, mitigating the risk of failures before products undergo the scrutiny of external test houses.  We can provide full certification and regulatory support for our clients.

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Electronic board

Electronics services

We are happy to work with clients to provide more focused electronics support for specific development phases, for example:

Research and Feasibility, Prototyping, Special products, Review and refresh of existing products, Compliance and certification, Procurement management, Obsolescence management