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Working with our product designers, engineers and electronics experts our software and UX design team create products that work seamlessly for the user.

Customising software and hardware for their best integration, whilst also planning for the end product’s lifecycle, is our signature approach.

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Agile approach

Customising software and hardware for their best integration, whilst also planning for the end product’s lifecycle, is our signature approach. At Design Reality, we employ the same tactics to software development as we do to product design: we deliver results in iterations, so that tests and fixes can happen on the go. Just as we apply DFMEA analysis to our overall design process, we practise CI/CD with our coding. We practice iterative software development, peer reviews and unit testing, to deliver high quality code for reliable and secure applications. We have seen the benefits of incremental code implementation and design in a multitude of projects, from concept to manufacturing stage, from the IoT-connected FitCheck to the smart wellness device Swellaway.

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Software capabilities

 Our dynamic approach allows us to roll out software updates and fixes for both short- and long-term schedules. Our software team is MISRA-C certified and has a spectrum of talent, ranging from creating Android and iOS apps to creating the firmware for Bluetooth-driven smart devices.

Multi-disciplinary team

Our three specialised Software, Hardware and Firmware teams work together seamlessly to deliver integrated solutions at every stage of the design process. We are well-versed in combining additive manufacturing designs with in-house assembled electronics, bespoke software, mechanical engineering and UX testing.

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Respecting the legal context

Being an ISO:9001 accredited consultancy, our internal policies always reflect the regulatory context for your industry. You can rely on project management and technical documentation that is compliant to your binding national and international industry standards.

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Complete connected devices

In our increasingly IoT-driven world, ensuring that systems perform well in synergy is an ever-growing challenge. From choosing the correct MCU and connectivity module to assembling PCBs in house, at Design Reality, we can take full ownership of your connected device design. 

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We can test for electromagnetic compliance in our EMC chamber to ensure that wireless communication doesn’t interfere with the existing system. Designing the optimal system whilst meeting additional requirements, such as prolonged battery life and low power consumption, can be a demanding process, so we run various preliminary simulations and safety tests.

The Design Reality difference

We offer a unified and flexible approach to software development for a complete design solution. From high-quality code to complete product development, every step of your project development happens in house, guaranteeing full transferability of code and project confidentiality. Whether integrating software in medical, emergency response or consumer product designs, we are continuously expanding our know-how and skillsets. If you have a special requirement for customised software, either for a design you have entrusted us, or a project that you have started without us, we are happy to offer our help to get you to the next stage. Find out how our in-house software capabilities can enhance your connected devices by contacting us today.

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