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Designing IMT Matcher


IMT Matcher

IMT International, an IVF management company approached Design Reality to create a bespoke housing for an electronic witnessing camera.  Matcher is used in IVF clinics and donor banks for traceability, recording and monitoring the journey of gametes and embryos through every transfer step.

IMT required an adaptable product, capable of being used on a variety of surfaces, and in a range of environments.

Ethnographic study

The process of designing the housing began with an ethnographic study to identify the environment and user needs.

This process influenced the design of the product by forming an understanding of what problems the clinicians were experiencing.  Ease of assembly, disassembly, one handed adjustment and cleanability were some of many requirements gleaned from these initial studies

The brief

The range of surfaces within the clinic led the design team to create a product with a silicone base and an integrated magnet, providing the product adequate grip on all surfaces, including vertical metal surfaces on the side of laboratory equipment.

The high grip nature of the product enabled the required one-handed adjustment.  The spring loaded mechanism was engineered to provide optimal feedback for the user during adjustment.  To optimise durability we utilised FEA simulation as part of the product development phase.

In order to launch at a prominent medical event, the IMT Matcher project went from initial brief to launch in six months.

Clinical environment

Ease of cleaning and anti-microbial properties were also of paramount importance, therefore tailored manufacturing processes were put in place, including surface finishing and material additives.

Design Features

Ease of assembly and disassembly

User centered design

Universal camera thread attachment

Designed for use with a variety of surfaces

Optimised range of adjustment

Colour, Material and Finish


Respecting the visual brand guidelines of IMT International, the team explored various material colour batches and pad printing of the logo, so the final design worked perfectly with the clients branding.


Research & Development

Industrial Design


Design for manufacture

Regulatory compliance

Supply chain management

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