Design Reality

Creating the world's first in-mask quantitative fit check device

FitCheck® Technology

Respiratory Technology Limited

Respirators are worn in environments where hazardous airborne particles and gases are present and respirator wearers are required to perform a fit check before donning their facepiece. However, existing fit check procedures are subjective and unreliable, putting lives at risk.

FitCheck® Technology removes any ambiguity from the process, providing a quantitative check of respirator fit that can be performed by the user each time a respirator is worn.

The problem

OHD approached Design Reality with a clear problem: due to the subjectivity of the testing process, mask wearers were passing daily fit checks when their masks were not fully sealed. Our brief was to create a product design utilising sensor technology, which could identify leaks within tight-fitting respiratory protection equipment, without hindering the performance of the mask in any way.


With twenty years of design experience within the PPE and respiratory protection equipment (RPE) industry, we have a sound knowledge of RPE available on the market. This helped us to understand the best places to position test devices to maintain optimal user interface and ease of testing.

Sensor technology

Our electronics team created sensor technology which can identify a drop in the pressure within the mask during a standard fit check procedure.  A loss caused by something as small as a hair under the seal could now be identified to the user.

A green light indicates an adequate seal has been made, whilst a red light indicates a seal breach.

Award winning product design

FitCheck® Technology has been awarded the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2020


With an increased demand for Health and Safety monitoring, we created an app to integrate with our FitCheck® Technology.  This means that users and employers can store and review test results, enabling them to demonstrate ongoing health and safety compliance.

Our team created the app utilising UX experience and secured a listing on both Android and Apple platforms for the client.

Industrial Design

The product design team created a range of devices, designed to fit varying respirators, including an in-mask or on-filter variant to suit a full range of environments and businesses.

Testing and Certification

As part of our consultancy services, we ensured the product was fully tested and certified.  FitCheck has completed EMC, radio and safety testing and is CE certified.


As part of the project, we created visual brand guidelines, in addition to trademark registration for the product logo.  We have also guided the client through the IP application process.

Future product development

Respiratory Technology Limited wanted to ensure they had a clear vision of future product development; we have supported them to ensure that the next phase of product releases are in planning.





Sensor Technology

Industrial Design