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VR Headset

Bruadar Medical Solutions Ltd

Bruadar, a manufacturer of medical and dental instruments and supplies, approached us to create a bespoke VR headset which is compatible with various medical anaesthetic and oxygen masks. They were designed to transform stressful and traumatic medical situations for paediatric patients into fun and engaging experiences through distraction.

The Brief

The product design brief was to create a one size fits all headset for children and adults and all oxygen and anaesthetic masks. The target use environment would be a treatment or emergency room pre / post operation and an anaesthetist or nurse will be responsible for working with the patients whilst they are using the product. The proposed design was to be easily disposable to avoid any risk of infection between the patients and third-party users.

Research and Development

Creating product designs for medical purposes requires some specific research and consideration.  On this project this included:

Visiting hospitals to help understand the use-case scenarios.

Analysing existing VR headsets to familiarise ourselves with the technology.

Refining 2D net designs and cardboard cut-outs in an iterative process of continuous testing.

Considering factors such as CE marking, TOY Directive and REACH compliance to ensure that the product would be safe to use.

Final Design (features)

Large cut out for all mask types

Button for handset screen interaction

Velcro for ease of attachment

Cardboard sleeve to package and protect the headset

Curved edges for safe handling

Graphic design

The fun and engaging aspect of the headset is captured in the graphic design. This is also consistent with the brand identity.


The headset is made of recyclable cardboard so that it can be disposed of responsibly. The product also folds in the sleeve to reduce its overall footprint


Ethnographic Study

Primary research

Concept sketching

In-house prototyping

Graphic Design

Manufacturing Plan

If you need a Product Design Consultancy with Medical Device experience and ISO 13485 accreditation, get in touch with our team.

For more information on the Rafferty Distraction headset visit Bruadar Medical