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3D Printing the Future of Endodontics

Training Teeth


Trainee dentists use replica teeth, or training blocks, to learn complex dental procedures. When compared to real teeth, these training blocks are often not realistic in shape, material or anatomy.

EndoReality approached Design Reality with a challenge of utilising our design process, our 3D modelling skills and rapid prototyping capability to design a more realistic training tooth, to bridge the gap between Endodontic training and performing procedures for real.

Capturing Complexity

Teeth are complex, both in exterior form and internal structure. With Micro CT scans and dental examples as reference, we've been able to design and produce a family of anatomically correct Training Teeth which capture the detail and intricacies of the real thing.

The models are designed with our internal, multi-material 3D printing capabilities in mind, with various combinations of clear and opaque sections for each tooth.


Realistic Training

Like real teeth, the Training Teeth feature narrow internal canals of varying complexity.

These canals, filled with soft pink material, are cleaned out by the trainee during endodontic exercises, just as in real-world procedures.

Representing the Unique

All teeth are different; recreating the unique nature of real teeth presented us with a challenge.

Our 3D modelling skills have allowed us to recreate different structures, shapes and geometries of real tooth anatomy.

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