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Kicks Counter wristband

Kick Counter Wristband

Kicks Count

The Kick Counter wristband was invented by Design Reality's Director Caroline Baker to help mums-to-be keep an accurate count of the number of kicks they feel from their unborn baby each day. The bracelet is made up as a band with numbers on and a cursor. By moving the cursor on each time a baby kick is felt, mums-to-be have an instant tally on their wrist without having to think about it or write it down.

Keeping track

"Imagine lending your most valued possession - yourself - to a stranger. It's a stranger you're creating and learning to love with every breath you take. Now imagine that stranger leaving unannounced, as quietly as they came in. The silence is deafening." This is how one mother described pregnancy loss.

Thankfully for Caroline, the impetus behind designing the Kick Counter 15 years ago was a lot less dramatic. However, keeping track of her first pregnancy was as important to her, as it is for every other mum-to-be. Working full time, Caroline found it difficult to follow her midwife's advice and track the kicks of her baby during her busy days at the office. She started carrying a post-it note with the number of kicks, but going in and out of meetings made it easy to misplace the piece of paper. Mrs Baker's first concept was of a bracelet with beads, but that presented the new challenge of remembering to keep the beads in place all day. After some thought, Caroline invented the prototype wristband that is known today as the Kick Counter.

The Kick Counter has been trialled by the NHS' OBGYN Sundries Procurement Department and was re-branded for use by supermarket chains as a healthy-eating targets tracker, for example to monitor one's daily water intake or fruit and vegetable servings.

Peace of mind

Whether you use it as a medication intake tracker, an educational aid teaching children to count, or a golf strokes counter, the Kick Counter is a simple, yet effective gadget that gives you peace of mind. The wristband's diverse applications and discrete design make it an unobtrusive and reliable tool. Being distributed as a medical aid for expectant mothers by our partners at Kick Counts, the wristband has helped so many families deal with the unknowns of expecting a child, that it remains one of Design Reality's seminal and most beloved products.

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