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Designing an in-mask prescription optics attachment

Prescription Optics Attachment


Corpro, a respiratory protection organisation approached Design Reality to assist in the design and manufacture of a retrofit in-mask prescription optics attachment. The attachment is fitted by the user inside the full-face mask and is used to hold prescription corrective lenses to bring exceptional protection and comfort to their users. The prescription optics attachment is a self-certified Class 1 medical device.

Research and Development

After being tasked with designing the attachment, Design Reality worked with opticians to ensure appropriate research and development of the frames, including optimising anthropometric positioning and ease of lens glazing and fitment.

Product engineering was utilised on peripheral parts to ensure a secure fitment inside the mask, consistent branding with existing Corpro products and reliable functionality for the chosen Additive Manufacture process of 3D printing.

Corpro Protection Systems Limited selected Additive Manufacture, using the HP4200 3D printer to produce small batches of up to 180 full sets at a time.

Additive Manufacture

The production method was chosen to benefit from rapid lead times and lower production set up costs. The nature of the Nylon substrate selected, offered high strength to allow the frames to cope with the extreme environments the product is used in.

Class 1 Certification

The frame attachment is a self-certified Class 1 medical device, which conforms to the provisions of the directive ‘Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745/EU’ and the provisions of the ‘Ophthalmic Optics - Spectacle Frames - Requirements and Test Methods ISO 12870:2018’ and subsequent amendments.


Industrial Design

User Research

In-house Prototyping

Product Engineering

Human Factors

Regulatory Compliance

Supply Chain Management


Corpro is a respiratory protection manufacturer that employs advanced design strategy and global fit anthropometrics to embed user-centric thinking into their products.

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