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Gas detection, environment ready



In the mining industry, detecting toxic and flammable gases is an essential capability in protecting the health and safety of workers. Heavy duty gloves are often worn, which can make it difficult and time consuming to operate traditional detection equipment.

Trolex presented Design Reality with a challenge - to create a rugged, durable housing for their GasHawk personal gas monitor.

Rugged, Durable, Effective

The nature of the mining industry demands equipment to be able to withstand its tough, industrial environments, alongside the rigour of everyday use.

Design Reality's case design combines tough, durable materials with accessible controls to produce a rugged, effective housing for the GasHawk detector, designed to be chest-mounted for easy operation.

Built for Use

Design Reality worked with Trolex, harnessing their knowledge to understand the conditions in which the GasHawk is used.

We built an understanding of the harsh temperatures, high humidity and tough drop surfaces that mining equipment must withstand.

Ingress Protected

Through effective design and research, our GasHawk housing achieved an IP67 rating for dust and water ingress. This solution provided Trolex with a durable, rugged and easy to use product for their workers to effectively monitor harmful gases.


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Human factors

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IP67 compliance

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